About us

Our story

Since a global pandemic for Covid-19 was declared on March 11th 2020, we have been asked to change our lifestyles to reduce the spread of the virus. We were told we should stay at home and leave only for essential needs. 

One of these needs is food. For some staples unfortunatelly, local grocery stores do not offer the same quality as your local artisan. Bread is one of these staples.

Another consequence of the global pandemic, is a loss of income for so many people, and with that, an increase in food insecurity. The Squamish Food Bank and the Helping Hands Society are working together to tackle the higher need for food support. We want to support them. Therefore, we decided to launch a new sourdough bread delivery service, here in Squamish.

That is why, with every order of bread you make to solidarity bread, you gift at least one loaf that we will donate to the food bank.

Thus was born Solidarity Bread. Our motto: “buy 2: gift 1, get 1”.

Thanks to the generous support of Howe Sound Brewing, we can use their kitchen for free.

Who are we

Raoul is originally from Belgium, where he grew up eating traditionally baked bread from local bakeries. His favourite way to eat bread is with a sharp cheese, preferably blue, or once it has dried, to make pudding out of it. Raoul came to Squamish first in 2012. He returned later to attend Quest University, from which he graduated in 2018. Raoul began making bread and caring for sourdough while at Quest and has always tried to share his knowledge and his baked goods. So much so that he was a vendor at the Squamish Farmers’ Market in Summer 2019. These days, he bakes for his 5 housemates and shares his sourdough knowledge with his friends over video calls.

Michal is a visionary and enjoys working on projects that better the world. Passionate wild mushroom connoisseur, kombucha enthusiast who was recently, by Raoul, introduced to beauty of baking sourdough. Michal was thinking about what would be a good way to support the community during global pandemics. He is from Slovakia, where people get welcomed by bread and pinch of salt, bread representing life and salt standing for health. Nice, right? Developing the idea of Solidarity Bread and finding an ideal partner in Raoul made him to bake more bread than he ever expected.

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